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Aug 12

LOS ANGELES, WE RETURN. Happy to bring you this last minute announcement: We are playing the BESERKTOWN festival THIS Sunday at Los Globos, alongside just about every good band ever. We are humbled and thrilled by the privilege of being in such esteemed company. Few tickets remain at See you Sunday.


We will play the Che Cafe in La Jolla THIS Tuesday night, quite possibly for the last time ever. Tickets are on sale now, we do hope you’ll join us for what is sure to be a memorable, bittersweet evening. And, of course, we will be collecting signatures for the petition at the show, but you shouldn’t waste any time clicking the links below and signing now:


Save The Che on FB
Sign The Petition To Save The Che

* hopefully not


May 15

Happy to report we’re headed back out on tour this summer. More details are forthcoming, but for now we can tell you that there are dates scheduled with NOTHING, IRON LUNG, BORIS and some others, and that tickets for all the shows go on sale Friday May 16th. Oh yeah, we begin recording our new LP in 15 days. We’ll be seeing you.


Lead, Follow

May 15

You may now also follow us on some burgeoning new websites for subcultural fraternizing. We doubt it’ll catch on, but one never knows.

CEREMONY on Facebook
CEREMONY on Twitter

1-2-3-4 Go!

May 5

We are playing our first show in roughly six months on Sunday in Oakland with NO BABIES and NO SIR. Doors at 7pm, no advance tickets, just show up. This will be wild, hope to see you!

FB Event

A couple of summers ago, we returned to the loving womb of Polymorph (R.I.P.) to record a Nirvana song for an “In Utero” tribute compilation on our dear friend Andy Low’s Robotic Empire label. At long last, it will be released on this year’s Record Store Day, April 19th. Seems like it’s worth your time, not just for our track, but for those from the likes of Jay Reatard, Daughters, Mean Jeans, Young Widows, Whirr and a bunch more. Naturally, we appear courtesy of Gerard Cosloy and Matador Records. Check it:

Info Here



Jan 27

At long last, you may now follow us on a thing:


NYC At Last!

Nov 14

People keep complaining to us about how we don’t play enough shows in New York City, so after lots and lots of begging, we begrudgingly agreed to squeeze in one last one show before the year ends. In related news, even though we toured together not so long ago, we were pretty sure White Lung were now too cool to remember who we were (I mean, Ross had to actually remind them who he was when they ran into each other in a Taco Bell in Gainesville last week!), they are playing too — plus Perfect Pussy and Sleepies. Pretty good, right? It’s FREE for NYU students (we’re told they need to “Mosh Away Their Finals Stress”) but even if you’re just a prole you can get a ticket for just $5 on the day of the show. For those keeping track, this is our second $5 punk show of the year, which should finally prove once and for all that we are, truly, this generation’s Fugazi.



Nov 3

If you’re going to Fun Fun Fun Fest next weekend (as we are), please take note that in addition to playing at that festival alongside our old pals Sarah Silverman and Ice-T(om Verlaine), we are also playing a free show with the Cro-Mags, Iron Age and Impalers. If you would like more information on the show, please call (512) 462-6008 and ask for Timmy. See you there!

Hello there, we are playing 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley on November 29th with Modern Life Is War, Wax Idols and Creative Adult. The next evening we will play the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa with Big Eyes, Tony Molina, Creative Adult and Provos. See you there.


Jul 10

We are returning to play two American festivals this autumn, both of which we have played before, both of which we have enjoyed before. You could say we’re looking forward to them. One of them is in Austin, TX and one is in Gainesville, FL. One of the lineups boasts ICE-T, TELEVISION and JOHNNY MARR, one boasts LARRY AND HIS FLASK, THE JOINT CHEIFS OF MATH and TOO MANY DAVES, but you’ll have to click below to find out which is which:


We have added a show in Nashville to our August tour which will hopefully be pretty cool. We have also added Washington, DC’s GIVE to the entire tour which will certainly be very rad. Click below for full dates.



Jun 20

In August we will be playing a bunch of places we haven’t played in a while, and will not be playing again until the new LP is recorded and released. That’s all coming along nicely, btw, thank you for asking.

The good news is that Baltimore’s second greatest export (sorry, just watched “The Wire” for the first time), the truly fantastic Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, will be joining us on all the shows (minus This Is Hardcore, surprise surprise). The bad news is that as per usual Stefan will be with us. Hopefully you’ll come see us anyway. Click below for dates.


Hi humans, we are playing this thing in San Francisco in two weeks mainly because people kept asking us why we never played any shows where a sneaker company would trade you a free ticket to see RFTC for your email address. Well, we caved:

Thursday June 27th 2013
Slims – San Francisco, CA



OK, seeya there.

Hi, we are touring up the west coast next week. The shows are mostly with our friends from down under Total Control, but we’re also playing with The Soft Moon, Survival Knife, Gag and Arctic Flowers, just to name a few. Stefan had such a case of FOMO after hearing about this that he changed his flight back to America just so he could come along. We probably won’t play the west coast again this year, so we hope to see you.

Also, we made some things in our webstore half price to create room for some new designs. This is the last time we’ll make any of these, so get ‘em now or don’t later:


Apr 26

So it’s been over a year since we last played our home, 924 Gilman Street, which is (we’re told) the longest our band has ever gone since we began. We seek to rectify this with a very unique and experimental idea: A Five Dollar Punk Show. We’ll be joined on the bill by four kindred spirits; NO STATIK, SECRET PEOPLE, FACE THE RAIL and CAGED ANIMAL and we hope you will join us too. Friday May 17th at 7:30pm. All ages, naturally. No advance tickets or any of that bullshit, just show up. Let’s hang out.

More Info Here

Hi everyone. After what we feel was too long of a gap in attendance, we’ll be making a return appearance at Philadelphia’s This Is Hardcore Fest in August. The first wave of band announcements has been made, and it most notably includes NEGATIVE APPROACH. Good enough for us. Check it all out by clicking here.

Noise Pop

Jan 3

Hi, hope everyone’s ’13 is off to a lucky start. Just a quick break in our very busy base tanning schedule to let you know we will be playing this year’s Noise Pop festival in San Francisco. But don’t be scared, this won’t include $8 bottles of water or Porta Pottys, it’s just like a normal show with us and some cool bands. More on that later. If you’re inclined, advance tickets are now on sale here:

We have put a bunch of random leftover and out of print records/shirts up in our new(ish) webstore, please help us get them out of Anthony’s apartment by visiting the link below:
CEREMONY / Big Cartel

In the interim, all Bay Area people are encouraged to spend as much time as possible here:
Timeless Coffee

Mexico City, we’ll see you very soon.


See below for the network television debut of a Cold World t-shirt. We were pleased to provide the soundtrack for this important cultural event:

Mexico City

Nov 19

Hola, amigos y amigas. We are playing our first ever show in Mexico City on January 12th. This is the last show we have scheduled for a little while, although that will probably change soon. Should be real fun, hopefully those of you in the area can make it. Click below for more.



Oct 30

Oh hello, a quick update from the frontlines…we have a new online shop from which you can purchase the items Stefan sells at the merch table every night at our shows. Enjoy:

Or just click that little “Merch” tab over to your left. So yeah, not bad.

Hellos, all. Last night we all slept in our own beds for the first night in a while, which means (of course) today we have some breaking news for your consideration. Firstly, in a few weeks, we’ll be back on the road, crisscrossing the USA and a little bit of Canada with our friends Titus Andronicus. This will be real fun. Most of the dates are up now in the shows section of this website, but there are a few danglers with t’s to be crossed and i’s to be dotted, so don’t freak out just yet if you don’t see your town listed. We are going most places.

Secondly, in honour of this tour, the fine folks at Matador and XL have pressed up a Ceremony/Titus Andronicus split 7” with a new song from us recorded during the “Zoo” sessions called “Everything Burns”. If you’ve seen us live recently, you’ve probably heard it. 500 copies, only available at these shows. And lucky you, you can download the mp3 now:

Everything Burns

Many thanks to all who joined us in September, we’ll be seeing you soon.

Kiss Off

Jul 24

We stopped by The Onion’s A.V. Club HQ in Chicago last month and in the span of an hour or so, learned and recorded a cover of The Violent Femmes’ song “Kiss Off” for their “Undercover” series. It came out nice, see for yourself:

  • Update: This dumb video started auto-playing a Budweiser commercial (gross), so it’s no longer embedded. Click below to check it out. *

“Kiss Off”

Note: The role of Jake Casarotti played by Val Saucedo.

Predictable: We will play shows with Fucked Up and Bloc Party. Hope you will join us.

More Info Here


May 9

Hellos, we are going on a full US tour (even red states) for the first time in a couple of years. Some of the shows are with Royal Headache, some of the shows are with the Screaming Females and some of the shows are with White Lung. One of the shows is at a haunted house/mini golf course. Two of the shows are in Canada, a place we never thought we’d play again. All of the shows should be cool. Come say hi. Full dates here:



Apr 18

We are going to there, June 29th through July 8th. Full dates here:

More information here:
Resist Records


Apr 16

Somewhere I saw faces and hands fighting for space on a clock
It didn’t show time being precious as silver and gold
Proving us we’re wrong all of us move on
We go for a ride we slow down and die
We have to give up the things we love sometimes


World Blue

Feb 18


Jan 24

Hey, we’re on this week’s episode of “All Songs Considered”.

Listen Here.


Jan 24

LP/CD/Digital – Out Now
Matador Records
Rough Trade

UK Tour

Jan 24

19th March through the 24th.

Full list of dates here.

I have a little window I peer out of at my house in Rohnert Park where I sit at night and write things down that have come to me throughout the day. Most of the stuff has to do with people, how we treat each other, and our ever increasing ability to hurt one another, as well as unconditionally love. It’s always amazed me, the contrast in which we move and work. While writing “Zoo,” I was confronted with the problem of confining humans, in that – I didn’t want to harp on the fact that we’re killing ourselves, and each other all the time, or fall into the habit of writing things that seemed too pessimistic about our current state – something punk and hardcore bands have pursued many times over. We all have a cluster of emotions in us that are always there, and articulating those many sides was my main dilemma. I think the music reflects that. There are songs on the record that sound fast, slow, eerie, full, or abrupt, each one different, but at the same time very similar. This is what reviewers call “comprehensive.” I suppose this record is our first sort of comprehensive sounding record, in that – each song binds to one another better than we’ve done in the past.

The title “Zoo,” comes from the idea that we’re all living in a world that has been heavily structured for us, by us, which feels strange because no other civilization has been so extensive in furthering comfort, entertainment, schedule, and basic living. The problem being – with existing here on earth comes suffering, suffering that often sneaks up on us as bewilderment, and with that suffering brings people who try to relate the state we’re in, in order to soften the blows. “Zoo” isn’t a concept record, or any attempt at changing people’s minds, or exacting the world’s problems, it’s just a pursuit in trying to understand what it means to be a human living in a world that sometimes seems too full of everything, because it is – it’s full of us, an extremely complicated people, and we’re doing all we can to live in harmony, free from whatever it is that closes us in, bars us, and cages the joy of being here.